Mame Parade


Monday could have a better name.

Startday, Goday, beginday, Shusssshday, just samples. Monday just sounds depressing.

Egg Time !

Please find all of the eggs.

So what next ?

Kevin & MR what do you want this to do ?

Wednesday , Cold & Wet !

Hitlers birthday !   Good grief What would uncle Adolph be ?  108

Also 4-20 has some sort of drug culture reference attached to it.

I dunno, to me it’s just Wet & Cold 😦


OK this is Sundays test. Each entry pushes the one before it down.
Lets see what picture i have for this.

None of these people are actors. Nor are they in DC.


It’s Saturday and cloudy and rain is the flavor of the day..

Seems easy to add a photo to this stuff.